Topic 2: Boys (part 1)

Hello everyone, and welcome the complicated topic of ‘boys’,

Now, as you may have gathered, this blog is written by a girl. This means there was bound to be some things in there about boys.

Boys are funny creatures (sorry to any males reading this, we are probably a bit strange too) but there are many things they do that girls just don’t understand – and visa versa.

So, today, I am hoping to talk about and explain a few of these things that I have come across from personal experience (I apologize for being so stereotypical, I am aware that there are boys out there who aren’t like this). So, let’s get going:

1. Some boys don’t understand how what they say can really upset a girl:

Sometimes, boys say things which they don’t really mean, however fail to realize how much this can affect a girl. Recently, I had an argument with a boy I really liked. We had been talking for months and were about to get together. Then he said some stuff in the heat of the moment, that he might not have meant. He didn’t seem to think much of it at the time or realize how much it had hurt me. Then, a few days later, he tried to talk to me as though everything was fine.  As you girls can probably imagine (or maybe even relate to this kind of situation), I didn’t take it lightly. It made me realize that, if it only took that much to make him say something like that, then maybe he wasn’t the right boy for me.

So, although I am strongly aware most boys hopefully wouldn’t act like this, I just thought blogging about this might help or support anyone going through a situation like this, as I know it happens. Stay strong and beautiful and, as my supportive teacher told me; ‘In high school you need to concentrate on school and friends. Don’t worry about silly boys who have nothing better to do than go around upsetting people’ (she was referring to my situation, but hopefully this advice helps)

Thanks for taking the time to read Part 1. of the topic: Boys.

As usual, I sincerely hope my blog has helped in some way, or made you realize how so many others may feel the way you do too.

Please tell me about your boy experiences, or how you feel about this (or any other) of my blogged topics. I would love to hear from you, and maybe, your opinion will be the inspiration for Part 2 of ‘Boys’.

Check back for my latest blog post soon. Teen Girl x


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